Cortijo Los Malenos Cortijo Los Malenos   Cortijo Los Malenos   Cortijo Los Malenos Cortijo Los Malenos Cortijo Los Malenos Cortijo Los Malenos
Cortijo Los Malenos Cortijo Los Malenos


The buffet breakfast is served from 8.30 in summer or 9.00 the rest of the year. There is a coffee maker and something to eat in the cellar bar for those who are early risers


Order the night before if you want it first thing in the morning or wait until the end of the breakfast service. Isothermal backpacks are prepared with sandwiches, hard-boiled eggs, salad and fruit and drinks for two people Price €28


We have a very small menu of snack dishes for those guests who do not want to leave the farmhouse. They are served in the pink patio. You can also prepare mojitos, margaritas and cocktails


For washing and ironing your clothes you can talk to the manager. €3 underwear, €4 t-shirts and towels, €7 pants, dresses, skirts or shirts. Washing only: €25 each washing machine


A masseuse comes to the farmhouse asking for an appointment at reception. €55 / 60 minutes


It is preferable to take the keys with you when leaving the farmhouse during your stay


They are not allowed to enter the rooms, the pool, the garden (except the pink patio) to those who are not staying in the farmhouse


All the dirty water goes to a biological treatment plant that allows us to recycle the water and irrigate the garden. It is very important to avoid throwing wipes or any product that is not biodegradable and could clog the treatment plant. There are bins in each bathroom. Thank you


On the farm there is a garden of native plants and multiple corners to enjoy it. Everything is prepared for you to enjoy as you please. Please do not touch the faucets and irrigation hoses. Be respectful of plants and decorative objects. Please collect your cigarette butts and other rubbish. There are containers in the parking lot at the entrance, trash can in common areas and in rooms


There are many geckos, which are mosquito-eaters and bigeye spiders. On the farm you have to be careful not to lift stones where a scorpion can hide

Cortijo los Malenos

Parque Natural Cabo de Gata-Níjar

04149 Agua Amarga. Almería

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Cortijo Los Malenos


Cortijo Los Malenos

Cortijo Los Malenos

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